Mickey Mouse is old - let's celebrate

If you haven't heard, Mickey Mouse is turning 90! That is truly a big milestone, and with Disney being such a household brand for so many people and families, it's worth taking a moment to reflect and celebrate.

To do so, Disney created an immersive pop-up exhibit in NYC that takes consumers back in time to where it all started in 1928 with Steamboat Willie, through several art installations by famouse (yes, typo intended) artists depicting Mickey in all his glory. And all the rooms are visually engaging and offer great back-drops for social share-worthy photos. It's a nice walk down memory lane for longterm fans, as well as helping to educate youngsters on the origins of the iconic figure and company (and take for granted how far cartoons have come in general).

One can only wait to see what they do for Mickey's 100th birthday.


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Alice369 said...

It is so amazing, there is an exhibition dedicated to Disney heroes! An immersive pop-up exhibit in NYC able to bring us all back to childhood, bring us together again with our best friends, such as Mickey Mouse :) This is a chance to return to childhood again and be a little kid!

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