Who created this activation - Statler and Waldorf?

When you think of senior citizens in balcony seats, you think of these guys. But now in Ghent, Belgium, one festival organization is trying to pair young music fans with senior citizens to enjoy a show together.

An upcoming Bjork concert will take place in St. Peter's square, and surrounding it is a retirement home where older citizens live, many who don't receive a lot of visitors.

The Jazz Festival worked with creative agency Humming and the facility to offer attendees the chance to purchase balcony seats in the tenants' homes so they can not only get a great view but also connect with people who may potentially be lonely and otherwise would be isolated from the crowd in the square below.

The cost of the seats do double good, though because the proceeds will go to an organization that connects homeless people with hotels that have rooms they weren't able to fill. Is your heart just bursting right now??

Watch a video promoting the activation here. 


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