Would you drink salmon soda?

Baskin Robbins is betting you wouldn't. The brand is showcasing just how deliciously good its Sundae Shake combinations are by juxtaposing ads for them directly adjacent to 'fake ad' posters for a made up product that is decidedly (by most) not delicious - fish juice flavor combinations. The varieties include Tuna Tea, Salmon Soda and Mudskipper Milk.

On the fake ad creative, they included a URL that drives to a BR-branded website with messaging on how gross that option is. What's interesting is that either the consumer will be reassured that something that disgusting doesn't actually exist, or, some avid fish product enthusiasts might feel chastised by the experience - but BR is banking on (and probably with good reason) that the risk of that is very low. A good thing to keep in mind if every pulling a stunt like this.


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