Bedding company drives trial with rest stop hotel

Sleepdays is a Japanese bedding company that executed a brilliant experiential campaign to increase awareness and trial of its products. Here's how:

For a limited time, they took over several parking spots at a rest stop on a highway with the highest volume of commuter traffic. Tired commuters could digitally reserve a spot to stop and rest so they don't drive drowsy, which is a problem in Japan and a leading cause of accidents.

At the rest stop, drivers were greeted by a Sleepdays brand ambassador who brought them black out shades for their car windows and Sleepdays bedding to make their much needed nap more comfortable. They could even order car-service treats. And anyone that has had to pull over and sleep a bit at a rest stop after your eyes get a little too heavy knows how luxurious this sounds.

It was a unique way to reach an highly relevant audience outside of the normal channels of the category and separate itself from competitors.

See a video of the activation here.

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