Pedigree champions seeing eye humans

Guide dogs are such kind, patient, and amazing companions for those who are visually impaired. And many pet-centered companies have championed guide dogs and organizations that support them and their training.

But in Brazil, Pedigree is turning the tables and focusing on pet owners whose dogs lose their vision as they age, which is not uncommon - with some owners, unfortunately, giving them up due to the burden of caring for them. Pedigree is highlighting some owners with blind dogs and how important their role is to the dogs and to not give up on them, because their ability to love and be loyal is not impaired. They created the "Human Guide" campaign complete with the website, to serve as a toolkit to help pet owners learn how to best care for their visually impaired puppers and show how easy it is, so the trend of abandoning these dogs in need decreases.

Grab some tissues and watch videos about the campaign here.
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