Orangina's granting wishes with orangenies

What do you do if your product goes against historical convention for the category? Get creative with your packaging to change the behavior.

Orangina is doing just that with its cans because, as a carbonated beverage, you actually are supposed to shake it to mix the pulp back in, which separates it (literally) from other carbonated drinks. The fear of the drink exploding on them is keeping consumers from enjoying the full optimal taste and experience of the product.

Orangina is turning its cans into interactive experiences, by having people turn them upside down to see if their can 'contains' a genie - an audio file that plays when turned. Only 50,000 in the French marketplace do. Those 50,000 consumers can then enter a special code online with their wish for a chance to have it come true.

Orange you glad you read this blog post?? (Had to do it.)

See a video of the talking genie cans here.
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