Influencer swap is the new Wife Swap

Social media networks with their fancy algorithms are borderline creating alternate universes in the world (or rather filter bubbles or echo chambers), only showing specific content to consumers based on interests and online behavior, to the point where there may not be any intersection between these groups.

Telekom Romania wanted to take this as a challenge and shift the reality by opening young viewers' eyes to new interests and beliefs. The company leveraged a variety of popular influencers cross-over and swap lives with another influencer whose life, and views, are fairly, if not drastically, different from their own. The result? Lots of video views, broadened perspectives and even some people following influencers they may not otherwise follow.

The campaign also coincided with Telekom's unlimited video offer, so it's pushing consumers to take advantage of that service, and not just live in the confines of their own bubbles or interests.

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