CX at work in refugee camps

CX is a concept that goes beyond consumerism and extends to many industries and areas - really anywhere a good or service is provided, regardless if someone pays for it or not.

American Refugee Committee is making a shift in its own operations by looking at the refugees in its camps not as beneficiaries, but rather as valued customers that it is committed to serving, and serving well. They are deploying customer service reps to get real-time feedback from refugees regarding different experiences at the camps so ARC can optimize logistics, care and operations as needed. Because, learning things like water not being available early enough in the morning prevented a mother from being able to feed her kids breakfast before school is, well, you know, super important to know and fix. ARC is also holding itself accountable by publishing the real-time data on a public website.  With its headquarters in Minneapolis and camps around the world, it's also a great use of digital and technology to bridge that physical gap between the larger organizational operations and the day to day experiences on the ground.

According to ARC's CEO David Wordsworth, this endeavor is not just putting the people first, but it's putting the 'soul' back into the organization and its work.
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