What's for dinner? Let the AI decide.

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Millennials eat out – a lot. Research shows that up to 53% of millennials eat out at least once per week, compared to 43% for the general population.

As millenials enter their peak “dining out” years, TGI Fridays plans to leverage data and technology to help change its brand trajectory within this key consumer cohort. TGIF has been developing a dining AI it believes will create a highly relevant and connected experience with customers based on tastes as well as lifestyle.

According to Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience offer at TGI Fridays, the objective is to use a dining AI to anticipate customers’ needs and proactively push pre-configured meal options with one click ordering through its mobile app. The goal isn’t to simply make recommendations based on food preferences, but to anticipate appropriate ordering times, like on the way home after a busy day spent running kids to weekend sports activities.

TGI Fridays is also testing similar technology to power an AI bartender that makes drink recommendations after consumers use an Ipad to answer questions about mood and personal preferences. This innovation also capitalizes on the growth in craft spirit brands by helping consumers discover new and innovative drink possibilities. Now this is a convergence of brand trends we can definitely get behind!


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