It's high time for high tea parties

With new markets emerging, the cannabis industry is growing and it seems to offer great business opportunities (as long as state governments continue to open the doors for legalization). With legalization has also come the acknowledgement of how diverse consumers of cannabis actually are, and new companies and brands are slowly starting to service varying types of consumers and their potential needs.

Take Kikoko tea, which is cannabis-infused tea that is targeting a higher end woman with their blends of teas that offer various benefits, including selling points like "precision-dosed so you are in control" and "fat-free with no weedy taste." They are also reinventing the notion of 'high tea' by helping women host a new kind of tea party and create experiences to imbibe with friends in a way that feels approachable and acceptable, since stigmas can still exist even if it's legal.  Complete with cucumber tea sandwiches and "discreet, artisanal edibles." Simply scrumptious.

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