Focusing on fun experiences

The gaming industry is filled with companies just looking to make a quick buck off of loot boxes, crates, or whatever else you want to throw behind a micro-transaction slot machine. Except for Nintendo. In the last year Nintendo has been firing on all cylinders putting out critically acclaimed video games for the Switch, and which the rest of the industry is focused on trying to push graphics, teraflops and VR Nintendo ignores them all and drops the Labo.

If you aren't aware, Nintendo has released a new way to play on the Switch made of cardboard. Instead of strapping a VR headset on, Nintendo is urging you to put a cardboard robot visor on your face with a JoyCon controller shoved in it. They are pulling together the idea of turning yourself into a robot made of cardboard as a kid with the technology behind the Switch and have created an experience for the consumer that is just fun. And it is for that reason that they continue to show that they are leading the gaming space.
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