Cheers to Bacardi-branded live theater

Immersive theater isn't exactly a go-to strategy for most brands, but it can be effective if done right, is authentic and if there is a good story to tell. Bacardi used immersive theater to connect with a specific audience of tastemakers and bartenders to bring its history to life beyond featured copy in their website's "Heritage" section.

This audience was invited to an exclusive event that, well, felt exclusive with a speak-easy vibe complete with skeleton keys to access it. In a show called "Amparo," actors, who themselves had experiences with being exiled from Cuba, gave powerful performances in the telling of the brand's story dating back to 1862, to its revival in 1994 when the family was exiled from Cuba itself, and all the drama in between. Their hopes are to form a deeper, emotional connection with people who are on the front lines in terms of recommending a brand to consumers, and help bring it to life beyond just being a logo or alcohol in their mojito. And Bacardi hopes to bring the live show to consumers in the future to tell it to them directly.

See pictures and more details about the experience here.

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