How does this ad sound?

Facebook video ads can be frustrating for marketers. Many users browse their news feeds with their audio off, limiting at least half the watching experience, relying on the user to be interested enough in the visuals to read the captions to get the full story – if there are captions. However, these ads for Bekol, an Israeli non-profit for hearing loss, are leveraging the in-video text in a clever way that is likely to catch a user’s attention and engage with their ads.

A video clip with text invites viewers to pass the ad's "listening test". How? By listening to it, of course. The audio that goes with the video visuals are jarringly mismatched. Being able to detect the dissonance would diagnose those with adequate hearing as readily as those without. The ads also bring to life the experience of not being able to hear adequately to those that can and illustrate how sound impacts how things are perceived.

It's a great example of how experience-based observations (knowing users have their sound off) can amplify creative. It also goes to show that user behaviors don't have to be seen as obstacles!

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