An immersive experience about an immersive experience....

SXSW is known for it's over the top brand experiences but HBO is taking it to a whole new level this year to promote Season 2 of it's popular TV show Westworld.

Set on two acres of land in Austin, HBO will give fans the opportunity to experience Westworld firsthand - complete with dozens of actors playing the robotic "hosts."  For about two hours, fans can observe or interact with the hosts to recreate iconic moments from the first season, uncover clues about what's to come, or even experience live scene-setting.  It's the closest fans can come to actually being part of the show.

As expected, ticket preregistration for the event is already sold out - but there is still a chance to score one during SXSW.  If you do manage to get one - enjoy.  We hope for your sake the robots don't rebel.
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