A taste of Kindness

Sad to say, the protein bar wars continue to rage with no sign of abatement... and it's ugly, folks. It touches all of us. Families are torn apart, bros are openly snubbing each other in corporate hallways, campers and hippies are... well, nobody cares about campers and hippies.

Now, to make things even worse, there's a new team on the field. And they're not kind. Actually, they are kind, as in Kind, as in the snack bar formerly relegated to soccer moms' SUV consoles and the bottoms of handbags of 22 year old girls working in publishing. That Kind.

And it's ugly. Ugly as a dropped pie, as my grampaw used to say. Because these Kind folk, not being kind folk, they're playin' dirty. Convinced that their new offering is superior in both taste and in the wholesomeness of its ingredients, they're shipping their product along with their competitor's products to the first 10,000 who sign up - part of a six million dollar sampling effort.

Kind considers itself a challenger brand that revels in disrupting category conventions. They know that this kind of belly-to-belly experience is what is necessary to deliver their message. They recognize that getting their product into their consumers hands to prove their point is paramount.

And they know that, eventually, the campers and the hippies will come around.

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