Net Neutrality, fries, and a shake

Many brands over the years have taken a public stand on various public issues, be they political, humanitarian, or other. Think Dove, AT&T, Adobe, etc. And usually the causes they champion are worthwhile, and usually they're on-brand and relevant.

But sometimes, well, they're not.

Burger King recently created a stunt-like object that demonstrated the horrors of... net neutrality. And it was an effective, educational set piece. Customers were offered three choices when they ordered: Slow, at the regular price; Medium, for considerably more money; and Fast, for an egregious upcharge. Hungry customers were, naturally, outraged. They yelled, they cursed, they stomped away, they acted their little hearts out. In followup interviews, they claimed that the stunt opened up their eyes to the awful truths of the repeal of net neutrality.

We at Brandflakes wholeheartedly applaud brands that adopt a cause and use their dollars and their reach to make the world a better place. But meaningful experience demands authenticity and relevance. In this instance, well-meaning as it may be, the disconnect between the brand and the cause, well, just stands out as kind of... a whopper.
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