Serving a hyper-focused message at exactly the right time to exactly the right consumer can be a challenge. IKEA addresses this challenge by facilitating a self-selecting interaction between their crib promotion and expectant mothers. How...well?  That's where it gets a little personal. IKEA created an interactive print ad that also serves as a pregnancy test (yes, the application of urine on the ad is necessary). If your test result is positive, bring the ad into your local IKEA and receive a discount on a crib.

Although this approach to promotion delivery may seem a little messy, we applaud IKEA's innovative approach.  For IKEA to be a relevant part of an expectant mother's experience could create a positive relationship the brand.  That said, could this backfire?  IKEA is making a claim to a customer experience and when it is positive, that should bode well for the brand.  But, would want-to-be expectant moms avoid IKEA as they do the diaper aisle?  Time will tell.  Sadly, this activation is limited to Sweden, so we will monitor from afar.

At minimum, this pregnancy test is more rabbit friendly than other methods.

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