Driving? Help Keeping Your Eyes on the Road.

Admit it, do you use your phone while driving? Well, 8 out of 10 drivers do. Not surprisingly, drivers are 300% more likely to be in an accident when using their phone, making the roads less safe for all of us.

Audi addresses this issue head-on by developing a free code for website scripts that can be added to any website, blocking a site's access if the user is in a moving vehicle, until the user confirms they are not driving. Simple enough. Sure, the driver can lie, but at minimum, the driver will get real-time reinforcement that they are putting their safety, and all those on the road, at risk.

Through this activation, Audi embraces what safe driving means today. By directly addressing an epidemic behavior that impedes safe driving, Audi is elevating the driving experience beyond the design and performance of their cars, and looking out for all drivers, not just Audi drivers. Thanks Audi. 

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