Boxing Workout Without The Sweaty Gym or Pain

In what could be the next wave of athletes seeking to bring fans into their world via technology, Boxer Floyd Mayweather has debuted a VR fitness game at CES. What is most interesting is how the experiences of similar simulated games are enhanced and possibly validated through the involvement of those with that particular expertise.

What could this mean for the future of VR and marketing in sports? Imagine the NFL putting fans in the POV of quarterback Russell Wilson to recreate that infamous Super Bowl XLIX pick. That would surely hype up a long overdue grudge-match in the future.

The initial rollout of this VR experience will be in Mayweather's self-named boxing gyms, with a home version coming later this year. Boxing, throwing a football, pitching a baseball or dancing on your living room floor will never replace stepping outside, but it'll surely be entertaining to see how it takes off!


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