Only VR can prevent wildfires?

With bushfires known as a major problem in Australia's warm climate (as well as other locations around the world), VicEmergency seeks to create awareness in a unique way. VicEmergency developed a virtual reality (VR) experience for locals to experience the devastation they could cause. They are put to the test by interactively responding to prompts on what precautions they should take at particular moments when alerted of the impending danger.

In light of the recent gaffe concerning Hawaii, this may be worthwhile example of how VR can aid in disaster preparations in a highly engaging way. This makes me wonder what educational role VR can play in other emergency based industries like health & personal wellness.

Boxing Workout Without The Sweaty Gym or Pain

In what could be the next wave of athletes seeking to bring fans into their world via technology, Boxer Floyd Mayweather has debuted a VR fitness game at CES. What is most interesting is how the experiences of similar simulated games are enhanced and possibly validated through the involvement of those with that particular expertise.

What could this mean for the future of VR and marketing in sports? Imagine the NFL putting fans in the POV of quarterback Russell Wilson to recreate that infamous Super Bowl XLIX pick. That would surely hype up a long overdue grudge-match in the future.

The initial rollout of this VR experience will be in Mayweather's self-named boxing gyms, with a home version coming later this year. Boxing, throwing a football, pitching a baseball or dancing on your living room floor will never replace stepping outside, but it'll surely be entertaining to see how it takes off!

Transit Shoes

If you are an urban dweller looking for a seamless way to navigate the city from walking the streets to strap-hanging, Adidas has pioneered the shoe for you. Adidas Originals partnered with Berlin's public transportation system (BVG) to pioneer a better urban experience.  The sneakers serve as a free transit pass and those wearing the shoes will have free BVG access for a year.  Staying on theme, the shoes are designed to match the BVG's exclusive seat pattern.

This limited-edition shoe is only available in Berlin, but as brands work to integrate themselves organically into consumer's lifestyles, this may be a great run at what's to come...


Serving a hyper-focused message at exactly the right time to exactly the right consumer can be a challenge. IKEA addresses this challenge by facilitating a self-selecting interaction between their crib promotion and expectant mothers. How...well?  That's where it gets a little personal. IKEA created an interactive print ad that also serves as a pregnancy test (yes, the application of urine on the ad is necessary). If your test result is positive, bring the ad into your local IKEA and receive a discount on a crib.

Although this approach to promotion delivery may seem a little messy, we applaud IKEA's innovative approach.  For IKEA to be a relevant part of an expectant mother's experience could create a positive relationship the brand.  That said, could this backfire?  IKEA is making a claim to a customer experience and when it is positive, that should bode well for the brand.  But, would want-to-be expectant moms avoid IKEA as they do the diaper aisle?  Time will tell.  Sadly, this activation is limited to Sweden, so we will monitor from afar.

At minimum, this pregnancy test is more rabbit friendly than other methods.

Inspiring Commitment...Hardcore

Have you committed to a healthier lifestyle in the new year? What does commitment really mean to you? In an effort to illustrate and inspire commitment in the midst of resolution season, Equinox created seven products that are "inspired by the passions and persistence of some of the most committed people and organizations on earth." 

From a fragrance infused with the DNA of pioneering running great, Kathrine Switzer, to Stonewall Stilettos, which use the remnants of the Stonewall Inn in honor of LGBTQA rights activists, to a camo jacket with materials donated by wounded veterans, the campaign manifests the experience of commitment in a tangible, powerful and gritty activation.  

Although this context of culturally profound efforts is humbling, it may provide us with the perspective we need to reflect on, and motivation to stick with, our commitments. Sure, it makes lacing up your Asics’s and hitting the treadmill feel a little less heroic, but it's a start and helps make it feel achievable. 

Driving? Help Keeping Your Eyes on the Road.

Admit it, do you use your phone while driving? Well, 8 out of 10 drivers do. Not surprisingly, drivers are 300% more likely to be in an accident when using their phone, making the roads less safe for all of us.

Audi addresses this issue head-on by developing a free code for website scripts that can be added to any website, blocking a site's access if the user is in a moving vehicle, until the user confirms they are not driving. Simple enough. Sure, the driver can lie, but at minimum, the driver will get real-time reinforcement that they are putting their safety, and all those on the road, at risk.

Through this activation, Audi embraces what safe driving means today. By directly addressing an epidemic behavior that impedes safe driving, Audi is elevating the driving experience beyond the design and performance of their cars, and looking out for all drivers, not just Audi drivers. Thanks Audi. 

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