When VR changes lives

We all know virtual reality takes video gaming to the next level. And we've all seen some pretty amazing ways VR is being used to bring brands and products to life. From immersing yourself into a new movie release, to being taken on a tour of a new land, to even renovating and decorating your home.

But it's not all fun and games. In the healthcare industry, it's literally changing lives for the better. One of the most interesting examples of this comes from the good folks at Limbic Life and VITALICS, whose mission it is to give people with mobility issues the feeling of freedom. They created a Limbic Chair with accompanying VR experiences that give those otherwise unable to move freely in day to day activities the ability to virtually walk, dance, and even fly. 

So far the experience has been showing promise, delivering benefits in the rehabilitation process as well as increasing mood and general positivity around patients' challenges. But more than that, it showcases the many ways VR can provide meaningful experiences far beyond entertainment.

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