Giving startups a storefront

Most startups' products are only available for purchase online. At first glance, you might think that's no big deal, because, hey, it's almost 2018 and everyone knows no one shops in-store anymore. Except they do. Especially when they're looking at brands and products they've never purchased before and want to see, touch, and try before committing. 

The problem is, brick and motor stores (pop-up or permanent) are expensive and startups just don't have the capital (yet) to afford it. Until now . . . 

Simon has launched the first-ever scalable retail space, called The Edit, intended to be a rotating store from for startups to give costumers a first-hand experience with their brand and products. Simon will even work with startups to execute everything they need for a fully working retail space, including module fixtures, digital media display, and even brand ambassador staffing. 

The first (of hopefully many) is located at The Roosevelt Field Mall and will feature startup brands from beauty to food such as Skinnydip London, Winky Lux, Jars by Dani and more. 

While it's always great to see a big business, like a National chain of malls, help out the little guys, this move also greatly benefits Simon as they look for ways to make malls relevant to the mall-adversed Millennials and Gen Z'ers.

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