Experience the impact of the opioid crisis

When thousands of lives hang on the message you're delivering, sometimes words are just not enough. Sometimes images, even videos are not enough. Sometimes, you need to give people an experience that makes them FEEL the importance of your message in order to create change.

That's exactly what drove the National Safety Council to create a roving memorial wall featuring the faces of the 22,000 people that died last year due to opioid use etched onto tiny little pills. As if that weren't impactful enough, the wall is actually interactive, adding a new face, etched on a new pill every 24 minutes for each new person that dies from opioid use while the wall is on tour. 

The tour also includes videos of the tragic stories of a variety of people from all walks of life and situations that senselessly died from the exact drugs that were lawfully prescribed to them at one point, showcasing that it can happen to anyone. Staff also are there to answer questions and hand out literature and stickers to use for discussion with your doctor. 

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