A fancy at-home experience with Moët

We've all been there. You're out at some fancy party, you're surrounded by fancy, people that know all sorts of fancy things about their fancy adult beverages. Wouldn't it be great if next time, instead of saying, uuuuh, I'll have what she's having, you can order with authority, or even host a fancy party of your own?

Well, now you can with Möet's new Alexa skill, Bottles and Bubbles, created to provide customers with "the perfect champagne experience in their own home." Möet's skill will teach you everything you need to know about champagne, provide a calendar of champagne appropriate events, and even help you be your fanciest self with tips for hosting champagne parties, including ambient playlists to play right from your Alexa.

What's great about this example is it shows how even luxury brands can create attainable experiences (and even convert new audiences) without sacrificing the premium-ness of their brand. After all the magic is in the content they produce, which they have complete control over. Alexa is just the (widely popular) delivery mechanism.

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