The art of running

Runners from the Shanghai marathon get to take home a novel personalized memento of their run. Thanks to BMW + WIEDEN & KENNEDY's advanced data visualization, the 30,000 runners can plug their run information into a platform that produces a beautiful 3D visualizationThey can also see their speed, pace time and calories burnt. 

Now you can relive your marathon experience any time with your own personal piece of 3D art.

The Uber mobile dining experience

With the launch of its Uber Visa card, Uber has rewarded some of its card holders with a unique dining experience in a way only Uber can . . . on the road. They converted a double-decker bus into a mobile dining experience for a small group of Uber “power users” and social media influencers.

“The idea was to create something that would appeal to our target Uber Visa card audience and also be a bit of a spectacle at the same time, something that would be Instagrammable, that people would remember and talk to their friends about,” says Heidi Vance, global campaigns manager at Uber.

The upper deck of the bus was transformed into a dining room where 9 guests and their plus-one got to enjoy the chef's creation while traveling the streets. 

Rewarding card holders as well as creating a social media presence in the street of New York is clever way to bring attention to the Uber Visa card.

VR in the land of the dead

Have you ever wanted to visit the land of the dead? Well, with the upcoming Pixar movie, Coco, the studio developed a short VR companion piece will take you there. 

Being billed as “next level social virtual reality”, Coco VR uses Oculus Rift’s head tracking and motion controllers. Users get to inhabit a skeletal body and explore the world alone or with 3 other players. Pixar producer Marc Sondheimer told Variety, "It's like a theme park for your headset".

Now fans young and old can not only learn about the story behind the movie, but actually experience it. 


Alibaba has merged the online world to brick and mortar stores.

Now you can get your own personal shopper at the mall via Alibaba. Once you find an article of clothing that you like, you head to the dressing room. A chip has been placed in your item, when you walk into the dressing room there is a large screen that identifies the clothes that you picked, and starts suggesting similar or complimentary pieces. If there is something you like, you press a button and an assistant will bring you that piece.

Alibaba’s Fashion AI is a strong display of how online and offline can work together instead of competing to create an even more immersive experience for the consumer. 

All aboard to the Scottish Highlands

That's what some New Yorkers might have thought they heard while walking through Grand Central last month. The British brand, Hunter, created a multi sensory greenhouse experience full with moss, light rain, fog and the sound of wind that was meant to give consumers the feeling that they were in the Scottish Highlands. Upon entering, consumers were greeted by brand ambassadors in full Hunter apparel and were asked to don one of the brands vinyl ponchos. Brand ambassadors discussed all of the weatherproof gear available in the Hunter Original Core Concept collection and then directed consumers to check out Hunter's other offerings - boots, outerwear backpacks, etc. What a cool and different way to show consumers your brand's heritage and drive awareness of your product offerings. If I had had been through Grand Central, while this activation was going on, I'm sure I would've stopped and maybe even wanted to eat some haggis after!

Wake up and smell the Porsche

Hey all you morning coffee drinkers - would you sign a waiver at your local coffee shop in order to try a new “incredibly powerful” beverage called E-Jolt? Well that is exactly what some customers did in Carson, California and were in for the ride of their life. Instead of coffee, customers were whisked away to Porsche’s Experience Center a couple of miles away from the coffee shop and test drove Porsche’s new 680-horsepower Panamera Turbo SE-Hybrid. This surprise and delight concept was developed to show customers that hybrids are fun, exciting and will obviously give you the morning “Jolt” one may need in the AM. I do not know about you, but I am for sure going to sign any waiver that promises to kick my day up a notch!  

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Bing Crosby can dream, but a European retailer is delivering just that - a “White Christmas” to several of their lucky customers. TK Maxx (no...not TJ) hid two-foot snow globes in their department stores and if found, their customers win an opportunity to have fake snow delivered to their house on Christmas Day. How cool (pun intended)?!? Shoppers can also win online by shaking a virtual snow globe for a chance at the grand prize or gift cards to the store. This promotion was designed to not only break through the holiday clutter, but to drive home the point that, “TK Maxx is all about big gifts at small prices.” Who wouldn’t want a winter wonderland for free? This is such a fun way to create an experience for not only for the winners on Christmas day, but to any of TK Maxx’s customers who have the opportunity to participate in the promotion.

Bid. Win. Save.

Attending a live sports game is an exhilarating experience. With the Dropit app, that live experience may now become even more exhilarating – especially when you walk away with a big-ticket item like a new car or motorcycle at enormous savings! Dropit is an interactive app that allows time-bound live auctions. To bid, users simply download the app and register. Once the auction starts, users swipe up when they feel the price is right… the longer they wait, the lower the price will be, but the competition will also be greater. In one case, a Ducati motorcycle that retails for over $15,000 sold for just $3,904. Now that’s quite an exhilarating experience… maybe even more than a homerun hit!

Will students flock for free laundry?

In celebration of American Eagle’s 40th anniversary, the brand has unveiled a new concept store set to open November 10th in New York City’s Union Square. The store, located close to the NYU campus, will provide students and visitors with a unique experiential shopping environment. One that provides the ability to toss in a load of laundry (for free) while browsing for a new pair of jeans. Students can also kick back and study or create one-of-a-kind pieces from upcycled AE materials in the Maker’s Shop. Be certain however that American Eagle is watching, as they will have an onsite social media team to push real-time content and engage with customers.

Even gym rats can be lazy.

Under Armour is taking steps to counter competition in the fitness gear market with a new subscription box service, ArmourBox. The service, launched in October, works much like other clothing subscription services in which participants provide information on style, sports and sizes so that the products received are customized to them. Then on a 30-, 60- or 90-day cycle, they receive a new box full of Under Armour to try at home for a week before deciding whether to purchase. For those committed to fitness (or looking good while running errands), the service can certainly help snip time from their schedule and improve brand experience.
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