The Reality of Short Attention Span Is Impacting How Brand Tell Their Story

I love my DVR. I love the fact that I can record my favorite shows and then speed through the commercials. Yeah, that's right, even us industry folks do it! 

But if those commercials were just six seconds, would you give them a chance? Brands are hoping you will, and if not, well, it will just be an annoying experience because by the time you are ready to push that FF button, it will be time to hit stop. The clicker just can’t click fast enough. 
The format has built up buzz since Google threw its stake in the ground when the best examples of its six-secondhackathon were highlighted at Sundance in January. Then in June, Fox announced it was on board with six-second video ads. And, at the end of last month, Facebook revealed it was going to work on its six-second ad game during its second-quarter earnings call. 
The experience of clicking through will change completely.

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