You want fries with that... shirt?

Ah, McDonald's. Once an icon of American life, its gleaming golden arches beckoning from the roadside to hoardes of families in faux-wooden-sided station wagons on their way to seaside bungalows and canyons grand. Now mostly a convenient target for the self-righteous, purveyors of childhood obesity and diabetes, churners-out of extruded meat products, losing litigants in legal liquid-fire coffee lawsuits.

Yet the brand has survived, nay, thrived. Because this brand, maybe more than any other, has customer experience as its very foundation, its be-all and end-all. And that experience, whether it's sharing an emotional french fry with your dad or ordering a bag of McSomething at 3am with a blood-alcohol count in the double digits, continues to evolve.

The latest evolution, all about bringing the food right to your door (via UBER eats) is called, unsurprisingly, McDelivery. What's more, to celebrate the July 26 launch they've unveiled a collection of McDonald's-themed wearables, The McDelivery Collection. Along with the Big Mac Onesie and the Famous Fries jogging suit, customers in select cities can select picnic blankets, a hoodie, slippers, and more, all "designed to help people savor the delivery experience," according to one McSpokesman.

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