Green is the new black

There's a lot of talk these days about energy. Whether it's a Tesla Solar Roof, coal miners in PA, or wind turbines dotting the hillside, energy is something that's crossing over political, economic, social and technological boundaries. Enter energy start-up, Inspire. Their service isn't just an energy bill you have to pay every month, but rather an energy experience.

With Inspire you won't pay based on usage month-to-month, you'll pay a flat, Netflix style, subscription based on your average use. That subscription isn't just paying for your lights to turn on either. For every megawatt-hour of energy you use, Inspire will purchase a Renewable Energy Certificate from a nearby wind farm.

This is a large departure from the traditional utility model, and that is not by accident. Maloney, Founder of Inspire took a cue from Uber and Lyft noting that they "were able to drive rapid, irreversible change by making the consumer king, and figuring out how to develop technologies that reshape the customer experience."

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