Flip your perspective on your freshman year

The experience of starting college is rough. New school. New friends. New weight gain. It's not always the carefree, freedom-from-my-parents place that students think it will be.

Enter: Shine. This free texting service offers daily messages Monday - Friday with quotes, articles, and messages to motivate and get your day started right. Shine's new campaign, The Flip Side, is specially designed to make the experience less painful by helping college students get over the anxiety hump of their first week. 

In partnership with Kik, this short-term campaign helps freshmen see the flip side of college stressors - because we've all been there. And we've all survived to tell the tale. 


RushPCB said...

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William Woodruff said...

By flipping the perspective, the focus could be shifted towards the positive aspects of a first year, such as the excitement of new beginnings and the potential for growth and development. With this mindset, the challenges and obstacles of being a freshman can be reframed as opportunities for learning and personal growth. Coursework Writing Service

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