A once-in-a-lifetime experience? Yes please.

At some point in the last handful of years, people began to place more and more value on experiences than they do on things. An item, no matter how sparkly, can't compete with enjoying life's most delightful moments. 

That's why companies like Airbnb have turned to delivering unforgettable experiences to engage consumers.

Airbnb is partnering with Vice Media to give 100 people "once in a lifetime" trips to four cities around the globe:  Cape Town, New York, Paris and Tokyo. The experience in each destination is customized to focus on getting travelers away from the typical tourist hubs and into the nooks and crannies that make each locale unique.

The premise is a win-win-win. The cities expose visitors to neighborhoods that are a bit off of the usual beaten tourist paths, Airbnb entices 100 more people away from hotels and resorts and the winning travelers get to explore the hidden gems of a city, making memories that they will look back on their entire lives.

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