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Marketing agencies are constantly searching for the trendiest way to attract new clients and employees. After all, we're supposed to be on the cutting edge of communications, right?

So it's refreshing to see a small Cleveland shop called Twist Creative making noise with a big-time retro approach - outdoor billboards.

It's a creative OOH play - one that turns a typically one-way communication into an experience. The billboards show a single product term ("Butter" "Orange Juice" "Beer") against a scenic background, signed only with the agency's URL. The project is meant to provoke conversation, and it's doing just that.

At first glance, some viewers see the campaign as a thought experiment; others believe it's a teaser for a TV show. But reaction has been almost universally positive. Some respondents felt compelled to add words to the billboards, suggesting "Toast" to go along with the "Butter" billboard, for example.

The bottom line:  traffic to the agency's web site is up by 22% and resume submissions are up by 50%. Response like that should lead to plenty more interesting experiences.

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