Stop stalling... ‘Just Do It’

Nike has always had a refreshingly realistic understanding of their customers' experience with their products. They know that no matter how athletic you are, no matter how dedicated, sometimes it's hard to find inspiration. Sometimes you're full of a million excuses. Sometimes you need to "Just Do It." Well their newest “Just Do It” ads take it to the next level, giving you just what you need to get over your procrastination.

Nike teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy (Portland, OR) to create a new campaign showcasing athletes finding new outlandish methods of self-motivation. Using handcuffs, setting off alarms, destroying personal property are all part of the humorous ways to push you past your limits. This was also followed up with an outdoor and digital campaign showcasing cautionary signage getting crossed out with a marker and tagged “Just Do It”.

Now, go get those running shoes out from the back of the closet…

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