How taxi ads are helping NYC air travelers save time

Ever wish you could spend less time traveling to and from airports?

In 2015, United Airlines stopped flying out of JFK, NY and landed (apologies for the terrible pun) in Newark, NJ. There is a well-known perception amongst NYC travelers that flying out of JFK saves more time versus than flying out of Newark. United took on the challenge of debuting this myth and educating the NYC masses by placing digital ads placed on top of NYC taxis with travel time to both airports. This would inform a potential traveler which airport would be quicker to get to based on traffic and the vehicle’s location. Curb, a taxi hailing app, supplied United with the GPS data while also making themselves easily available for potential travelers to book the fare on the spot.

A toast to United for making the typically terrible NYC travel experience exponentially better, and for helping travelers everywhere find time for that pre-flight cocktail!

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