A beer ATM, where do I sign up?

With all the options in craft beer now a days, it can be a pretty intimidating experience when going out to a bar or a local brew pub. Where do you start? Do you ease in with a crisp pilsner, start strong with that dank IPA? What if you just want to try a little bit of everything without committing to a full pint? With self-service tap technology, you can do just that.

How it works is you walk up to the bartender and they preload a drinking pass with the dollar amount you want to spend. Once the amount is loaded, it’s ready for use. Simply head to the beer tap you want to try, put the pass on the card reader and begin pouring as much or as little as you want – the machine simply charges you by the ounce dispensed.

The system creates a more interactive, fun, and importantly, attainable experience that encourages trial and experimentation--which is key to converting beer drinkers to craft. And, no longer do you have to wait, what feels like an eternity, to get your bartender’s attention to order a beer. I’ve shared this video with a few my friends and we’re already planning a trip to try this out – even those not fan of beer, just to try and enjoy this new experience.

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