Nice work, Chuck E. Cheese 

Chuck E. Cheese may be what most adult nightmares are made of, but let's face it, kids love it. The freedom to run free, play games, dance and scream noisily, all the while eating pizza without their parents chasing after them to clean up their greasy hands? I mean it's practically Disneyland. Ok, maybe not Disneyland, but in all seriousness, Chuck E. Cheese is a place where kids can experience a little bit of freedom, while having a whole lotta fun, and parents don't have to worry quite as much about their whereabouts.

The downside? The bright lights and extremely noisy atmosphere are too much for some children to enjoy, specifically those on the Autism spectrum. That's why CEC's Senior Director of Advertising and Media, Ami Anderson, decided to truly act on their slogan,"Where a kid can be a kid," and make their experience equally enjoyable for EVERY kid.

To do this, they introduced Sensory Sensitive Sundays, where the lights are dim, the sound quieter and overall more comfortable for a child on the spectrum. These events are set to take place the first Sunday of every month and have already received tremendous feedback. The financial return is still to be determined, but that's not the focus for Chuck E. Cheese - their main concern is creating a positive experience for all kids.
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