Label of Love

A grocery store + product packaging = young love.  Not exactly how you expected to spend your Tuesday morning?  Us either.  But trust us, it's worth it.

For the last 85 years, Monoprix's iconic packaging has been a central element of their experience.  The French retailer and grocery features funny puns on their product labels created from the actual product names making them an unforgettable part of French pop culture.

To commemorate their anniversary, the brand created an adorable love story that brilliantly integrates that same iconic packaging into the central storyline - further ingraining them in the heart's of French consumers while giving us all the feels. The four-minute-long video is about a young boy with a crush on a classmate. He's so shy he expresses his feelings for her by anonymously leaving cutouts of the clever puns from Monoprix's boxes in her locker.  He quietly watches her reaction until one day she doesn't come to class and he's devastated to learn she's moved.

But that can't be how it ends right?! You'll have to check it out here for yourself.  Your welcome.

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