Domino's turns the absence of experience into an experience

You order your pizza...and then you wait. But you don't wait patiently, no. If you're like me, you wait with heightened anticipation, glancing out the window every few mins just for the opportunity to see the car turn into your driveway, salivating with every moment that passes. Ohhhhhh the joyous excitement of when that pizza guy arrives!

One might think that the CX of your pizza delivery begins when it arrives, but that's not the case. At least some part of your experience is related to anticipation of your pizza arriving. Dominos is wise to this and in partnership with an iFTTT (If This Then That) app, they've devised a way of creating an entire experience around "the pizza wait".

The iFTTT app works with the Domino's Tracker and has a set 4 triggers: order being prepped, order in the oven, order out for delivery, and order ready for pickup--from these 4 triggers, the opportunities are endless. Need the app to turn off your sprinkler system when your pizza leaves for delivery? Now you can! Want to rock out to Rump Shaker when your pizza is getting prepped? Your phone or home system will automatically turn on as your dough is being tossed! Check out the hilariously awesome iFTTT that you can easily do yourself!

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