I promise to be nice…can I keep using my stuff?

For many people a connected home is now a standard way of life. Video doorbells help monitor deliveries, auto door locks allow us to let service people in our house remotely and video cameras help you keep tabs on what the dogs are up to all day (hint: usually sleeping). And while some of the technology is still relatively new and glitches are to be expected, one customer found out taking his frustration to the Internet was met with an unexpected retort from the manufacturer. A Garadget (manufacturer of internet-connected garage door opener) customer left a not so nice comment on a support forum immediately followed up by a negative review on Amazon after his device wasn’t working as expected. The company responded by disabling the customer’s device. They followed that up by posting a less-than-professional response to the review on Amazon. You can guess what happened next…onslaught of comments and negative backlash. This product/service that was meant to make life easier not only didn't work as planned, but also provided an "icky" customer experience. People expect their issues to be resolved, not to be called out and cut-off! Whatever happened to taking the high road? But the real question here is – if you rely on someone else to service your device – does it really belong to you?


Jim Rhodes said...

Well, this situation is pretty stupid. I hope everything is alright now. Bye!

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