Cool cobranding partnership

You are a hip, young entrepreneur who thrives on social interaction and is looking for a place to work so where do you go?  NO...not your parents' basement!  Staples has partnered with a local coworking space company (Workbar) and set up coworking office space in several of its Boston area stores. This co-branded partnership, called Workbar at Staples, broadens the customer base of Workbar, utilizes excess store capacity at Staples and also establishes a pipeline for new small business customers.

It is a smart marriage of businesses and services to begin a new revenue stream for Staples while broadening the customer experience of the Workbar clientele.  Where can you go to work, run out of #2 lead pencil refills, have your computer battery die and walk several steps to solve all these problems?  Since the coworking phenomena has recently snowballed -  I would not be surprised that there will be more of these partnerships to enhance customer experiences.

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