Used car vending machine

Quick: What’s the worst experience in the world? Colonoscopy? Nope. Root canal? Not even close. Waving back to someone who’s waving to you only to discover they’re actually waving to someone behind you? Please. Grow a spine.
No, the worst experience in the world is undoubtedly buying a car… even worse, a used car. The slimy salesguy, the pressure, the negotiation, it all adds up to one seriously unpleasant Saturday afternoon.

Carvana, with its unique online used-car buying website, has already found a way around much of the pain. Now it’s gone one step further, by creating a giant 5-story used car vending machine, making what was once a dreaded experience into one as easy and rewarding as getting a bag of chips. Once you’ve selected your vehicle online, Carvana will send you a special oversized coin for the machine. You go there, put your coin in, and voila! You drive off in your new used car. No hassle, no negotiation, no problem.

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