Ranch dressing swag

Rancheritos, rejoice! Rancheros, flex those dipping muscles, or flabby lack thereof! The holy grail of making carrots and celery not good for you anymore has amazing news!

In honor of National Ranch Dressing Day, which we guess is a thing, Hidden Valley Ranch has opened up its first online outlet, as chock full of branded swag and ranchy goodies as ranch dressing is full of fat and calories. Imagine a jewel-encrusted HVR bottle. Or better yet, the fabled Hidden Valley Ranch fountain! Along with greeting cards, T-shirts, hats, bottle cozies, totes and more, nothing could be better for a Hidden Valley Ranch fan except maybe a big bath in the mucousy deliciousness of the dressing itself!

Oh, you sly, creamy brand. We at Brandflakes are doing a slow-clap for the savviness of it all. Knowing your fans… understanding what they want… then giving them a rewarding digital experience worthy of their love… that’s something we can dip into.

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