A giant cereal bowl in Grand Central

Imagine Grand Central Terminal on any given day. Beleaguered Manhattan commuters trudging through, souls already sucked dry with the thought of another frantic day at the rat race. Every last one of them, at one point or another, wishing they were a just a kid again, plopped in front of the tube on a Saturday morning in their PJs with a bowl of pure sugar, no adulting required.

Now imagine our weary sojourner glancing up mid-trek to behold a gigantic cereal bowl ball pit, complete with diving platform, surrounded by fun graphics and cartoony cloud projections. Imagine jaded NY commuters setting down their briefcases and leaping joyfully into the bowl. Best of all, imagine sampling three new cereal-inspired ice cream flavors!

Ben & Jerry, the patron saints of delicious fun, launched their three new flavors with this big, silly, fun stunt at exactly the right place and time – the intersection of commuting hell and a dreary March morning. And by encouraging their fans to do what we all do when we dive into Ben & Jerry’s – that is, let go – they show that they know their consumer and they understand what their customers need in the doldrums of their daily like, and they know how to stay true to their brand.

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