A cloud that rains tequila

How does one convince rain-weary Germans that a Mexican vacation is the answer to their wet wintertime blues? You make it rain tequila, of course. Duh.

And that’s exactly what the Mexican Tourism Board did, with the help of its global creative agency LAPIZ. Unveiled during the rainiest part of the season at a contemporary art space in Berlin, the exhibit used special humidifiers to turn tequila into mist which condensed into a cloud, which rained tequila – but only while it was also raining in Berlin. Visitors were invited to experience (drink) the tequila rain by holding shot glasses under the cloud. After which, theoretically, a building full of wet drunk Germans would get on a plane bound for Mexico.

If this ever scales up, we at Brandflakes will be thirstily waiting right on the other side of the wall…

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