Use a BIC as a buck

Sure, pop-up store experiences are becoming the experiential marketing norm, but it's what a brand does in that pop-up that makes or breaks the experience.

Many brands nail the clever hook to bring people into their pop-up, whether they're using technology to be innovative, providing something super exclusive, just entertaining, or like with this BIC 60th Birthday pop-up in Amsterdam, delivering surprise and delights. But, one thing brands sometimes lose sight of is giving consumers a first-hand experience with their brand in a fresh and fun way. Well, in this case BIC nailed both . . .

Visitors to the pop-up were invited in to buy any one of the creative and fun art pieces on display, created completely out of BIC writing instruments. The surprise and delight? They could "buy" them simply by drawing their own form of currency on a piece of paper using their BIC writing instrument of choice, which in turn gave customers a reason to "sample" a variety of their products they may not otherwise ever have a reason to put in their hands.

So simple, not overly expensive for the brand, and fun for customers. That looks like a win win to me!

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