Taco Bell launches new product with speakeasy for fans

To get consumers pumped for the launch of their new Naked Chicken Chalupa, Taco Bell opened a series of pop-up speakeasies across the country.

The campaign for this new menu item, which revolves around The Imaginary Council For Eating Fried Chicken the Same Way You Always Have (or T.I.C.F.E.F.C.T.S.W.Y.A.H. for short), features a series of ’50s-style PSAs that promote eating fried chicken the safe and traditional way, and warns viewers about the chalupa’s “rebel shell”.

They brought the campaign to life by creating pop-up T.I.C.F.E.F.C.T.S.W.Y.A.H. protest headquarters, covered head-to-toe in ‘50s decor and propaganda posters. Attendees walked through HQ and made their way through a magical purple door, which led them to the speakeasy. Once inside, they were able to drink specialty cocktails and sample the chalupa.

Chalupa's? Speakeasies? 1950's propaganda? What's the connection? Well, speakeasies are usually in unexpected places, and the Naked Chicken Chalupa is definitely unexpected. So it seems like a natural fit. And on top of that, everyone loves booze!

When creating live experiences, you want it to match the tone of your brand overall as well as the products it delivers, and Taco Bell certainly delivered in a way only Taco Bell can!

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