It’s been a long day. You’re tired. You’re thirsty. You put your hard-earned dollar bill into the vending machine, choose your favorite drink, and watch as it slowly moves towards you. But instead of falling into the dispensing tray, it stays suspended in mid air — stuck against the thin plastic sheet that’s keeping you apart. Now there’s only one logical thing to do — shake the machine until it comes loose (but really, it stays there until the next person wants to try their luck for a freebie).

Orangina took this frustrating experience and turned it into a fun brand activation. An ordinary looking vending machine was placed in high-traffic areas in France. Consumers would walk up to the machine, put in their coin, and watch as their drink got stuck each time. The machine would then prompt the consumer to shake the machine to release the drink. Not only did this stunt fit perfectly with Orangina's tagline 'Shake The World', it also reminded consumers that the drink tastes best when you shake the pulp.

Sometimes the best marketing angle is to take a negative consumer experience, and shake it into a memorable one!

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