music + beer = a full sensory experience

When you're a band, your customer experience is pretty simple. Get to a recording studio, rock your freakin' hearts out, don't suck, push out the new album to fans, and you're pretty much set. Or, are you? In a time when music is almost overly accessible, could you step it up a notch to stand out?

The band, The Lights Out, thought so. And who better to step it up with than a hometown brewery? See, they wanted to make their new album a full sensory experience, so they worked with a local brewery, Aeronaut Brewing, to co-create a beer for fans to enjoy called T.R.I.P. The beer was thoughtfully crafted based on the new album's tracks, themed around the idea of parallel realities.

Fans could find the beer at their local beer shop or at the brewery itself and inside the pack were instructions to tweet #TRIPME to the band and the brewery's Twitter handles to receive not just a link to download the new album, but also a story about what their other self is currently doing in a parallel universe, further building an experience around the album's theme. And, bonus, they received light show glasses to add a visual component too!

The partnership and the activation is such a no-brainer I'd be willing to bet we see a lot more creativity like this coming from brands to make their album releases more of a 360 experience. As a music fan (and a craft beer fan), I fully support this!

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