Love has no labels

Don't you just love, love?!  Emotions are contagious and even passively, we seem to take comfort in other's happiness.  It is no surprise why fans throughout the world will stop everything, even amidst the most aggressive competition, to focus on their stadium's jumbo-tron with empathetic eyes, applauding public displays of love.  The NFL partnered with the Ad Council in this latest iteration of "Love Has No Labels." And, again, we get the thrill of experiencing someone else's love first hand.  And while this concept may not be new, the illustration of the democratization of love on this grand scale is.  And what better time for us to come together with acceptance and expand our culture's definition of love?

But, why is this activation so powerful?  Perhaps the closer we feel to the action, the more we allow ourselves to experience the purity of the moment ourselves.  The closer we get to understanding what makes interactions more powerful, the more meaningful our actions will be, as brands, cultures, ethnicities, genders, or otherwise.

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