Lego lets kids get social

If there ever was a brand that deserved an A+ in customer experience, it's Legos. From the product itself, to their content, and of course, their live experiences in-store and at their theme parks, they go all in on creativity and deliver on it in a way kids truly want . . . and, let's face it, their parents too, because who doesn't love Legos?

So, it's only natural that when they thought about how to bring that creative experience to life for children in the social space they thought through everything! 

But wait, you might say, kids aren't permitted on social media?! And you'd be right. That's why Lego first made sure the social experience, called Lego Life, lived in it's own, child-friendly social environment. As example, kids can only use customized Legos as avatars instead of pics and ever piece of content is moderated to ensure it's kid friendly. In fact, they even thought though how text/comments could go awry with kids, so they created their own language in Lego emojis, which is essentially how kids communicate anyway.

But beyond safety, Lego Life lets kids do what kids do best: CREATE. Lego regularly deploys different ideas for inspiration, challenges and more and kids can create their own Lego creations til their creative little minds' content. And, kids can be inspired by each other and share only positive feedback with each other. And while all this fun is happening, Lego is introducing all of their many products to kids in a natural, engaging way and kids are none the wiser. Heck, its so fun parents don't even seem to mind.

It's impossible not to love all the ways Lego continues to evolve their brand into an experience . . . heck, a lifestyle, rather than a product. And as a marketing, it's impossible not to cite them as inspiration in much of what we do.
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