Enter the alien ship from Oscar nominated Arrival. If you dare...

So you’re looking at a big movie buff here. One that appreciates the casting, set design, special effects, music and even knowing who the Assistant Location Scout is in the end credits. While you may or may not be like that, you might find this interesting enough.

My interest was piqued upon seeing a 360° film experience created for Oscar nominated film, Arrival. One can simply utilize their mobile phone and YouTube’s 360° platform to view one of the alien ships made famous from this movie. It is a joint effort between ReelFX and the film’s set and production leads.

This is a highly interactive example of creating useful engagement while anticipating the Academy Awards and release of the Blu-ray. It’s experiences like these that work harder to put consumers into the right mindset that leads to a desire or need to buy the movie. It’s about time more brands, studios and artists create demand at the right times beyond the standard TV spots.


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